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This themed playground is located in Athens, Greece. Happy weekend 🌻#lappset #lappsetplay
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As we become older, we should practice our mobility on a regular basis. The second Senior Sport area encourages to excericise in different ways. Check this area from our website 😊 Link in bio! #lappset #lappsetseniorsport
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We will raise the playground design to the next level! Our designers, product specialists and professionals have worked hard to create something that you have been waiting for. Read the news from our website, link in bio 😊#lappset #lappsetplay
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Finland's first rooftop gym is located in the heart of Tampere. See the reference from our website, link in bio 😊Happy weekend!☀️
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Repost @porkkanamaa: Messujen paras kohde valittu! Se on vihreä ja kyljessä lukee lappset. #asuntomessut2017 #lappset #froggy #carousel #asuntomessut
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